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Hacktoberfest: The Final Countdown

Have you earned your Hacktoberfest t-shirt yet? It’s not too late! Hacktoberfest is “a month-long celebration of open source software.” The purpose of Hacktoberfest is encouraging people to contribute to open-source projects. Complete 4 pull requests during the month of October to any public repository on GitHub, and register at https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/ to receive your free t-shirt! …

Bitcoin Entrepreneur – “Blockchain is like the Internet of 1992”

You’ve probably heard investors and techies alike rave about bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency in recent months, but have you wondered what exactly all the noise is about? The bitcoin exchange rate has soared from $627 to $4,832 in the past year, and over $2.5B has been raised through ICOs. What exactly does all this mean? …

Guided by Voices

Today Google announced that the new Pixel 2 will pair with the famed Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Babel fish. Dubbed Pixel Buds, Google’s new wireless headphones will translate up to 40 languages in real-time. While this blurring of science fiction and reality opens the door to remarkable multilingual possibilities, have you ever considered using a similar voice …



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